About us

Inspired by the Pro-Artist and the ones who aspire to be one. Bebella Cosmetics is  developed exclusively in-house by a talented team of creators, Bebella Cosmetics delivers products built with quality, keeping our furry friends in mind but also understanding that pigemenation requires some extra blinding.

The real story started with CEO, founder, innovator, and creator behind it all Esmeralda Hernandez. Coming from Mexico to the U.S. at the age of 10, Esmeralda had to work very early on. She would help sell dolls at garage sales.  She took her sales to the swapmeets at the age of 12. She learned from her mother that hard work takes dedication and persistence. By the time she was 15 years old she was running her own business. Esmeralda adopted a business mentality very early but realized her passion really lied in beauty. She dreamt of one day having her own cosmetic line. It was a challenge because of the amount of doors that closed on her but she fought hard to make her dream reality.

Esmeralda is now creating  products that make others feel confident, ready to create a cut crease, and inspire those who need the extra push. The visions behind Bebella Cosmetics was inspired by those who love to play with colors, those ready to make someone feel beautiful, or the aspiring artist who is needing the essentials.

Currently our products are cruelty-free and with a line that is constantly expanding from Eyes, Lashes, Face, Brushes and Exclusive Collections. Bebella Cosmetics is made for the Bebella Babe who is ready to step of her comfort zone.

A beauty brand created with passion by the woman herself Esmeralda Hernandez.